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Online Talking Stick Sessions by Tamara van Woezik & Nynke de Jong

The big shift to online education asks for new ways to create activating learning activities. Especially the interaction between teacher and students and students among each other has gained some extra boundaries. Not all students feel equipped to engage in the classes, especially when they do not know who’s on the other end of the screen.

We designed a learning activity in which students learn to share their experiences, ideas and questions with each other using a Talking Stick. The students work in small groups, listening to their peers’ internship experiences. Small groups cater for a more personal experience, getting to know your classmates and engaging in meaningful discussion. The one who has the Talking Stick shares, the others listen and fill in a GRID, which they discuss afterwards. The GRID contains 4 themes: Likes, improvements, questions and ideas. Students simultaneously get to know each other, find support and inspire each other.

Link to the full poster: https://lxd.org/wp-content/uploads/2020/06/Design-Sprint-posterpresentatie-.pdf

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  1. Great way to illustrate your design with the poster. Lots of information quickly and targeting an immediate need. Thanks.

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