Fundamentals of learning experience design

It's great to see a growing number of people who want to learn about LX design. Right here you can get started with some of the fundamentals.

What is a learning experience?

What is a learning experience? A fundamental question for any (aspiring) learning experience designer is: What exactly is a learning experience? First, what is an experience? An experience is any situation you encounter that takes a certain amount of time and that leaves some kind of impression.

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What is learning experience design?

Learning experience design (LX design) is the process of creating learning experiences that enable the learner to achieve the desired learning outcome in a human centered and goal oriented way.

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The origin of learning experience design

LX design is an interdisciplinary field of expertise. It incorporates elements of different disciplines like interaction design, neuroscience, cognitive psychology and teaching. It merges them into a completely new design discipline.

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Learning experience design process

Designing a learning experience can be an unpredictable and adventurous process. This is in a way inherent to the creative, agile and innovative approach LX designers use. Then what does a typical LX design process look like?

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Qualities of a LX designer

Designing learning experiences requires a a certain set of qualities that enable the learning experience designer to come up with the best possible learning experiences. Here's a list of these qualities.

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So we've divided the fundamentals into these 5 parts. If after reading these, you're still itching for more:

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