Global LXD sprint at LXDCON’20

During the virtual learning experience conference LXDCON’20 we welcome participants from all five continents. Over thirty countries are represented and together we did a global learning experience design sprint.

Check out the assignment here.

You can do this sprint individually or in a (small) team. The results can be shared in this segment of the blog. Here you can not only present your own design but you can also see the work of others.

We invite you to share your work and give feedback on the designs from all LXDCON’20 participants.

We’ve chosen a winner after LXDCON’20: UMOJI by David Phipson.

BUT! We do encourage everyone to still share your design and comment on each other’s.


How to share your design for the global LXD sprint on the blog:

1. Register at

2. You will receive an e-mail that will enable you to set a password.

3. Once you’ve set your password you can login via

4. When you are logged in to you can create a new blog post by clicking “Posts” in the upper left corner followed by “Add New”.

5. Now you can write text and upload images to share your design and your design process.

6. Each blog post will be checked by us before it is published on the blog.

7. See what you’ve published on

Tip: Use your creativity to share your story. Also, don’t forget to add a title and the people who worked on this design. We are looking forward to seeing your designs!

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  1. We’re still looking forward to seeing more designs!

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