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June 1 - 5 2020

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A truly memorable learning experience is more than educational. It’s a personal experience that touches you.

The theme for LXDCON’20 was“the human touch” and during this event we explored how the human aspects of learning experience design can really make a difference in people’s lives. Under current circumstances with the coronavirus this theme is more relevant than ever.

This year’s first virtual edition of LXDCON truly made us realize that nothing beats “the human touch”!

The sketch was made live by Niels Floor to encompass what the human touch means for Learning, Experience, the Designer and the Design Process. Everyone attending LXDCON’20 helped with co-creating this sketched summary.

It’s still possible to see the names and titles of everyone speaking at LXDCON by clicking on the Program button. If you’ve attended, all sessions will be up until at least February 2, 2021 in Crowdcast. If you weren’t able to join live, you can watch the recorded sessions & workshops for only €30!

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Global Design Sprint

During LXDCON’20, we created a Global Design Sprint challenge. If you’ve attended LXDCON’20 (or still want to watch everything now; go here), you can still create your own learning experience and share it on this website!

Here’s the assignment in PDF form.
Here’s a blogpost on how to share your design on this website.
And here are some designs from live attendees of LXDCON’20.

During LXDCON’20, the participants chose a favorite design in David Phipson’s UMOJI! We’re still looking forward to seeing more designs and feel free to connect and comment on each other’s designs.

We always encourage you to join the Linkedin LXD Community. If you want to contribute to the blog here on, please contact us and we’ll get back to you.

Stay safe!

The LXDCON team

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LXDCON is initiated by:

We, Shapers, are pioneers in the field of learning experience design. We believe in the power of well crafted experiences to elevate the quality of learning. That’s why we apply, train and promote learning experience design around the globe.

Partner of LXDCON 2020:

University of Applied Sciences Utrecht is the main partner of LXDCON 2020. The HU is a place where thousands of people come to study, work, do research and to get together. At HU education, research and profession meet. With a tangible impact on the future.