Illustration for Let's play at LXDCON'24 with a group of people playing games and learning.

Let's Play!

From June 11 to 14 2024, we will host the ninth annual learning experience design conference online.

This year we are going to have even more fun than usual at the ninth annual learning experience design conference LXDCON’24. Our theme “Let’s play” aims to immerse you in the world of play, games, and gamification.
Tickets for LXDCON'24 are available now!

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The program

Look forward to engaging sessions

June 11, 12, 13 & 14 2024

Take a look at our speakers! More than 15 sessions are set and ready for LXDCON'24.

The program consists of talks, workshops and meet ups. As there are different time zones, we cater to this by creating a program going for full and half days on different parts of the day. Plus, all sessions are recorded and will be available for rewatch for at least 2 months.

Check out the program

This year's theme

Let's Play!


Play is such a natural and powerful form of human behavior.

From early on, we use play as kids to develop our social, emotional, and cognitive skills. You might think that we play less as we grow older and more serious, but that’s not completely true. Adults love playing mobile games, console games and board games. Do you know the average age of gamers? It’s 35!

We love to play, and we love to learn. That’s why LXDCON’24 is all about using (elements of) play, games, and gamification to design incredible learning experiences. Both theoretical and practical aspects will be covered as you level up your LXD skills.

Play is such a versatile theme. Here’s a sneak peek into this year’s topics:

  • When is a playful solution a serious option?
  • What makes games great for learning?
  • What does it take to design and develop an actual game?
  • How are LXD and game design related?
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Tickets for LXDCON'24

You can order your tickets for LXDCON'24 online now. Not able to get your tickets below? You can visit the dedicated Eventbrite page here.

History of LXDCON

We started in 2016

What started as a local and small afternoon surrounding learning experience design in 2016, has grown into an annual conference that has had: 3 local LXDCON in Singapore, 4 local LXDCON in the Netherlands and 4 virtual LXDCON.

Hosting online since 2020, has given the opportunity for everyone to join no matter where they are located. Our virtual 4-day LXDCON'24 starts June 11 and we hope to see you there!

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We are pioneers in the field of learning experience design. We believe in the power of well crafted experiences to elevate the quality of learning. Our mission is to apply, train and promote learning experience design around the globe. LXDCON is one of our initiatives to help achieve that mission and support the global LXD community.

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