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April 20 - 23 2021

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What space do you need to learn?

The theme for LXDCON'21 was Space to Learn.
Space plays an important role in the design of any learning experience. It relates to where the learning experience takes place and how this enables or disables the learner to reach their goals. These can be physical spaces like a workshop space, home office or classroom but also virtual spaces like conferencing software, social media or a digital learning platform.

You can imagine that where you learn impacts how and what you learn. When you apply this understanding, it can help you in picking the best space to learn or to get the most out of a given space. This can empower learning by offering an inviting, safe, inclusive and energizing environment.

A different kind of space you need to learn is head space. Does the learner have a mindset that allows for growth? This touches on the psyche of the learner and your ability to identify, create and use that space respectfully and intelligently. Where negative emotions like stress and fear can distort learning, positive emotions like excitement, curiosity and a sense of belonging can open and activate your mind.

We live in a paradoxical period of time. While we keep our distance, we are more connected than ever before. LXDCON’20 showed how a virtual event can bring us closer together and forge deep and meaningful human connections. This year we provided a space for you to learn, connect and feel at home.

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LXDCON is initiated by:

We, Shapers, are pioneers in the field of learning experience design. We believe in the power of well crafted experiences to elevate the quality of learning. That's why we apply, train and promote learning experience design around the globe.

Partner of LXDCON'21:

University of Applied Sciences Utrecht is the main partner of LXDCON'21. The HU is a place where thousands of people come to study, work, do research and to get together. At HU education, research and profession meet. With a tangible impact on the future.