Impression of LXDCON 2019 in Amsterdam

June 27, 2019

On March 20th, 21st and 22nd it was time for the fourth annual learning experience design conference.
This year we, from Shapers and initiators of LXDCON, partnered up with AUAS, DSS, CFI and HKU to host it at the University of Applied Sciences in the capital of the Netherlands, Amsterdam.

March 20th was the LXD Masterclass

This day revolved around a masterclass conducted by Niels Floor. It was an interactive class with a program for the whole day. It started with an icebreaker excercise to get to know each other better. Which evolved into a hands-on session with the LX Canvas to create a prototype and test it.

The group that attended the LXD Masterclass.


Brainstorming and working together in groups to create a learning experience!


March 21st and 22nd was the LXD conference!

There were different talks and design sessions happening that revolved around different subjects of learning on the course of these two days.

Every facilitator either shared the way they design a learning experience, gave tools to do so or shared a case in which they applied learning experience design. There were talks with room for discussion and interactive workshops. These sessions ranged from using gamification to focusing on the user when designing your learning experience, related to any sector. At this conference, it related to the humanitarian sector to museums.

LXDCON stage

Niels Floor kicks off the fourth annual learning experience design conference with a keynote on the power of learning experience design. “With ability comes power and with power comes responsibility The abilities that we have as learning experience designers gives us the power and responsibility to contribute to a better world.”

Thomas Tillmann gave new ways to look at learning and mapping it out with learning hacks a.k.a. “lernhacks”. This sparked a discussion between all the participants.


Laura Vinchesi and Kim Zahler gave an interactive remote learning experience workshop in which they touched upon basic themes that come up in designing any learning experience.


The second day of the conference started with a game created by the Centre of Innovation. Everyone teamed up and tried to survive the future by making the “right” decisions and discover how their decision can impact the world!


These ladies made the right decisions!


Annie Ng Yin Ni gave a very enthusiastic talk on how she benefited from using learning experience design and the LX canvas in her own teachings.


Bart Giethoorn explained using gamification with a case he was a part of. It’s also about using stories and roleplaying. This quote can help you focus when using gamification.


Kemi Labinjo gave a true explanation of inclusive design and the difference between inclusion and diversity.


And this was just a quick impression of LXDCON. We’re excited to see what next year is gonna be like in Utrecht, the Netherlands in June 2020!

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