3 takeaways from LXDCON Asia 2018

November 13, 2018

Niels Floor

The second annual Asian learning experience design conference was a blast. In case you missed it or if you want a quick recap, here are three takeaways.

Make a connection

Learning is all about making connections. From the neurological connections in our brain to the connections we have with our fellow learners and teachers. A great learning experience makes a connection on a personal and emotional level. Because how you feel influences how you learn. At LXDCON Asia many valuable connections were made between the participants, experts and organizers. We learned a lot from each other which is the best feeling in the world.

Have fun, seriously

Games can be a great tool for learning. Just think about how actively engaging, motivating and fun playing a game can be. Did you know that when we play games our brain is highly active. Many parts of the brain are activated simultaneously as we play. And that can really help when you are learning. We like to keep things playful at LXDCON events. Not only because it’s more fun but also because it stimulates creative freedom and boost engagement.

Be brave!

In education we can sometimes feel limited or even discouraged by the systems and organisations in which we work. Don’t let these kinds of limitations hold you back in search of better learning experiences. In fact, see them as a catalyst for creativity and you will be surprised by what you’ll come up with. Be brave!

Luckily there are quite a few brave people out there and it was a pleasure meeting them at LXDCON Asia.

Are you brave enough to join the global LX design community and change the way we learn? Here are some options to connect:


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