Qualities of a LX designer

Designing learning experiences requires a certain set of qualities that enable the learning experience designer to come up with the best possible learning experiences. Here’s a list of these qualities.

Use creativity as a driving force.

LX design is a design discipline. As a designer, you use your creative talent to come up with original ideas, conceptualize these ideas and find the right form for your design. Creativity is not only the spark, it’s also the fuel for the design process.

Let go of conventions and create truly innovative experiences.

Educational professionals can be quite conservative when it comes to changing the way we learn. Letting go of what you already know and of what you believe to be true enables you to free your mind and not limit yourself.

Put the learner at the center of his work.

Human centered design is a big part of being a true designer. Researching your target audience and engaging with them during the design process through co-creation and user testing is what puts the learner at the center of your design.

Incorporate (neuro)scientific insights into your work.

Understanding how our brain works and how we learn enables you to create designs that are effective in helping the learner reach his goals. You have to be able to communicate with (neuro)scientists and to incorporate their precious insights into your design.

Be both practical and imaginative in problem solving.

A LX designer pushes boundaries and tries to find innovative and elegant solutions for complex problems. At the same time, you want to keep things as simple and as practical as possible for your design to works in a real life situation.

Lead a multidisciplinary team through a design process.

LX design brings together a variety of professionals and experts like teachers, scientists, software developers and many others. A LX designer has a leading role in combining the different perspectives, qualities and ideas into a well balanced design.

Choose the right medium or technology for a specific purpose.

Learning is less about technology and more about people and their goals. The medium or technology you choose is based on what would best enable the learner to reach their desired learning outcome.

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