Next steps

After reading the LXD Basics, you must be ready for the next step in learning more about and applying learning experience design.

So, what are you looking for?

We offer:

  • Learning Experience Design Masterclass. A great way to get hands on with lxd with the pioneer, Niels Floor from the company Shapers - the people behind this website 😉

  • 4-week online course on Learning Experience Design. You'll get a personal trainer along the way to assist you in designing a learning experience by a pre-defined user case. Of course we'll use the LX Canvas for this!

  • And yes, we offer the Learning Experience Canvas for free! This is a great way to get into lxd alone or with your team.

  • Attend the Learning Experience Design Conference - LXDCON - to meet others and learn from and with each other.

  • Get your LXD merch and show everyone you're (becoming) a learning experience designer!

  • Sign the LXD Manifesto!

  • Contact us for a training that fits your needs. This could be a simple webinar or a whole course where your questions will be the basis of that course.

  • At Shapers, we design learning experiences. If you want to collaborate, feel free to contact us or check out a quick overview of projects we've done.

Besides these options, we most of all hope you'll join us in re-designing learning by applying what you've read until now.